Helen’s visit to the Alumier head office in Shoreditch, London for in-depth training

December 14, 2021
Christmas ball
written by Helen Hunt

Hello from Helen Hunt Aesthetics!​

This month, Helen visited the Alumier head office in Shoreditch, London for in-depth training on their professional and home range of products. Helen has decided to introduce the Alumier range to her clinics because of the excellent, clinically proven results that they deliver.

It was equally important to Helen to work with a brand that is free from harmful chemicals and sold in recyclable packaging so, Alumier was a winner on all levels!

Find out more about Alumier.


its glow time

Above: Inside the Alumier head office!


What happens during a consultation?

Helen’s biggest pet hate is products that make grand promises which fail to deliver, these are often over-the-counter brands that do not use optimal amounts of the correct ingredients and only act on the surface of the skin rather than nourishing the skin cells underneath. Medical grade products such as the ones we stock contain scientific formulations of ingredients that work at a cellular level to achieve exceptional results.

During a consultation, Helen will also be able to suggest the most suited medical-grade products for every individual which accounts for different skin types, skin conditions and ethnicity because one size does not fit all!


Woman With The OBSERV scanner

Above: The OBSERV scanner


Helen uses a high-tech OBSERV system that uses UV light to analyse your skin on a deeper level as many skin conditions originate from underneath skin layers.This scanner allows Helen to tailor unique treatment plans and then monitor your results on your journey to beautiful skin!

To follow the “New Year, New Me” motto, Helen will be delighted to offer all her patients a skin diagnosis appointment with the OBSERV skin scanner!


A Christmas Message from Helen


Dear Lovely Clients,

After an amazingly successful but also incredibly busy year, I’ll be taking a break with my family over Christmas and New Year. I’ve got parents, in-laws and my grown-up children all visiting which I’m really looking forward to! Although the Exeter clinic will be closed for the break, I will be available to answer your calls or emails and will happily see patients at the Honiton Clinic.

Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your amazing support this year. I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year! I can’t wait to see you all soon!

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