4 reasons why you should get a skin care facial

February 10, 2022
skin facial
written by Helen Hunt

Nothing feels better than a fresh, glowing complexion. Though we focus on a range of aesthetic treatments at Helen Hunt, one of our favourite ways to help our clients achieve luminous, rejuvenated skin is through a customised skin care facial. Though facials are relatively quick, one-time treatments, with the best medical-grade products they can improve the condition of a wide range of skin types.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a professional facial to give your skin a restorative boost…

1. They’re rejuvenating, deep cleansing, and brightening

Facials are meant to improve your skin — and as we all know, there is usually a lot to tackle. 

Skin care treatments often involve multiple steps, including:

  • Preparation
  • Cleansing
  • Face mask treatment
  • Acid or chemical peels
  • Skin boost
  • Recovery
  • Protection
  • Post-procedure home recovery

All these elements mean facials help to bring life to your skin in numerous ways. They can brighten and hydrate dull or dry skin, sooth irritated skin, clear spot-prone complexions, and even add plumpness to ageing skin.

Lots of our clients adore our facials because they are an effective yet non-invasive way to elevate their skin care and achieve visible results.


2. You can get tailored treatments and products

Not all skin care facials are the same. In fact, any experienced skin care specialist will tailor your facial to your specific skin type and area of concern. Those with sensitive skin or acne will benefit from different products to those who want to focus on wrinkles treatment or pigmentation issues. 

Some people don’t realise that they could benefit from a facial because of their problem skin, but it’s all about getting a custom treatment. Make the most out of your facial by choosing a skin care clinic that will happily offer you an in-depth skin consultation before your treatment.


3. They are cost-effective, one-time treatments

Facials are great for those leading busy lives and want a one-stop skincare treatment. Though it’s never a bad idea to get into the habit of getting regular facials and peels, you can also just get the occasional one-off facial and still appreciate the benefits. Lots of people like to schedule a facial if they notice their skin is going through a rough patch and needs a little care and attention. You may wish to invest in a skin care facial just before a big event, or when you’re away on a relaxing holiday.


4. You can experience relaxation and restoration

Lastly, a skin care facial is a chance to take a break, grab some alone time, and give yourself some much needed TLC. Nothing feels better than a relaxing pamper session and the relaxing, massaging movements involved in professional facials make it easy to unwind. If the spa or aesthetic skin care clinic is located in a beautiful premises, even better. The soothing, serene atmosphere will do wonders for your stress levels and give you the recuperation time you need.


Helen Hunt premium skincare

At Helen Hunt, we offer a range of medical-grade skincare options to best suit your skin type and problem areas. High quality, tailored skincare can make a significant difference to your skin health, so we ensure each treatment is bespoke. 

Take a look at our facials and chemical peels. In terms of facials, we offer the Alumier Radiant 30 1-hour facial (best for sensitive skin), the Alumier Radiant 20/10 1-hour facial (best for oily congested skin), and the Alumier Glow Peel 1.5-hour facial (for skin already accustomed to medium depth peels).

Get in touch or book a free, no-obligation consultation. We have aesthetic skin care clinics located in Exeter, Honiton, Sidford, and Newton Poppleford so you can choose a premises convenient for you

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