Can Anti-Aging Creams Help in the Fight Against Aging?

July 30, 2020
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written by Helen Hunt

A solid foundation to skincare

A combination of proven treatments such as skincare facials, chemical peels, wrinkle filler, and microneedling can prevent your skin from reflecting your age. However, the first thing you should be implementing is the simplest of them all – using an anti-aging skin cream.

Good skin care is crucial to keeping your skin as clear and youthful as possible. But let’s face it, when it comes to anti-aging creams every product on the market claims to be the best.

This can be confusing and plain frustrating. Finding the most effective skincare treatment for your skin shouldn’t have to be rocket science, nor do you have time for it to be!

Huge marketing claims of ‘miracle products’ and ‘secret formulas’ often lead to disappointing results. This isn’t surprising seeing as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare products.

A bespoke approach

Anti-aging creams will certainly help keep your skin looking plumper and reduce wrinkles, but only if you have the right skin care regime for your dermatological needs.

Honest information is hard to come by, but accessing professional advice is the easiest way to cut through the misleading and uninformed noise around skincare products.

At Helen Hunt Aesthetics and Skin Care I can give you expert guidance in a free, no-obligation skincare consultation. Using my expertise and extensive experience, I’ll recommend the appropriate medical-grade skincare for your dermatological composition and issues.

My treatment plans are bespoke, meaning your skincare regime will finally be tailored to your specific needs. This doesn’t stop with anti-aging. If you also struggle with conditions such as acne, pigmentation, or rosacea these can be taken into account and incorporated into your plan.

For more information, contact me for a chat.

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