So, what is going on at Helen Hunt Aesthetics and Skin Care?

April 19, 2020
helen hunt aesthetics
written by Helen Hunt

I hope you’re bearing up okay during these strange times. A lot has happened in the last month and I wanted to take this opportunity to catch up with a quick update on what’s happening at Helen Hunt Aesthetics and Skin Care as well as some advice about caring for dry hands—particularly important right now.

Here at Helen Hunt Aesthetics and Skin Care (link), I am working from home, studying via webinars for lots of great new treatments and skin care that I will be offering, (as soon as I can re-open) and updating my policies and procedures.

Like many of us, the family routine has been changed, my 2 daughters are back at home and my 2 sons are away from home, working where possible, of course, I worry about them all, even though they are “grown-ups”! My parents are elderly but local, and I’m supporting them as much as possible, as they have to self- isolate.

Most of us have other things on our minds now, but if you ARE looking for advice on treatments, I can give you a consultation over Skype to talk about skincare for now and treatments for the future, and I’m more than happy to provide advice regarding any health concerns you have. My posts on social media can keep you up to date with all things “aesthetic and skin”, so please follow me there.

 If there’s anything, in particular, you’d like me to talk about, just let me know. Meanwhile, here are a few thoughts on hand care…

How to look after your hands

We’ve all got the message on hand-washing (click here if you want the official WHO version) but if, like me, you’re finding your hands are drying out as a result of all this extra washing, here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. If you have the choice, try to clean your hands with soap or hand-wash rather than an alcohol-based hand gel just because the alcohol content in hand-sanitisers (and these need to contain over 60 percent alcohol to be effective) will aggravate sensitive skin and make it irritated, and drier. Pat your hands dry rather than rubbing them, just to reduce skin irritation.
  2. Use moisturising hand cream to help repair the skin barrier. Here are a few of my favourites:

And if you’re wondering about making hand sanitiser at home — it’s very simple. 

What you need is rubbing alcohol—isopropyl alcohol—which is still available on Amazon and at chemists, and don’t forget you need to make sure that at least 60 percent of your finished product is alcohol in order for it to be effective.  The recipe is very straightforward, just mix up:

  • One measure of aloe vera gel, or hand cream;
  • Two measures of rubbing alcohol.

You’ll need to stir, then whisk, to get the mixture blended, then pour it into a bottle and leave it for 72 hours (so that the alcohol can see off any bacteria introduced during the mixing process). It will be sticky, but it will get the job done. Online, lots of people suggest adding essential oils into the mix to scent it—but if your hands are already feeling a bit sensitive, any kind of fragrance, including essential oils, may irritate them. So I’d leave it out.

Of course, I am missing seeing all my lovely patients, but when the time is right, I will be able to open and see you all again. I don’t know when, but you’ll hear about it first via this newsletter.

Stay well and keep washing those hands,



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