Medical Grade Retinol and why it should be in your Regime

October 18, 2021
woman looking at the mirror
written by Helen Hunt

Latest News

This month we have a lot of exciting news! Firstly, Helen’s son Henry is cycling from London to Rome in 15 days! Henry and his friend, Nick will overall cycle 1947km to raise money for Cure Parkinsons. This charity is particularly close to our hearts here at Helen Hunt Aesthetics as Helen’s own mother is currently living with this disease.

We’re so proud of the boys and would love it if they could have some more support! Their journey has been narrated on Instagram @nickandhenry_loro any donations to the cause can be made through Just Giving at:

Just Giving Page

The second exciting update is that we will soon be stocking a NEW medical grade skin care line! This line will allow us to work even harder to ensure that our patients get the best results. There will be more to come on this next month, so get excited.

October Focus: Medical-Grade Retinol

Our monthly focus is on medical-grade retinol and why you should consider incorporating this product in your regime.

Most of us have heard of the beauty buzzword retinol. Its often touted as one of the most transformative skincare ingredients out there. And yet, I find many people are confused by this product. If incorporated correctly into our skincare routine, retinol can increase cell turnover, brighten skin tone, improve the appearance of skin firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles, and can also improve the aging effects of sun damage. So Let’s get the lowdown on all things retinol.

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