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July 08, 2021
helen hunt aesthetics
written by Helen Hunt

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Hello from Helen Hunt Aesthetics! Thank you to everyone who took part in our social media competition last month, the winner has been notified of how to redeem their 30% off discount on any treatment with us. If you weren’t the lucky winner this week, do not despair as this competition won’t be our last! Keep your eyes peeled in our newsletters for future opportunities to win discounts on treatments or even special goodies.

In other news, here at Helen Hunt Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible treatments, and to do that Helen spends as much time as possible doing extra courses. This month she will be doing a course in Cosmetic Dermatology at The Harley Academy in London. The aim of the course will be to continue Helen’s in-depth training on Micro-needling as well as glycolic peels. Helen is looking forward to this opportunity to continue her dermatological education after all, we never stop learning!

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Our Focus for July: Our Skin and the Sun​

After having injectables you often ask us if you can go out in the sun, the answer to that question is quite simple, proceed with caution. While you can go out into the sun we would strongly recommend you avoid sunbathing. Following a BOTOX treatment avoid the sun for at least the first few hours, going into the sun too soon can even make your treatment ineffective. This is because as we get hot our blood vessels expand to try to cool us down, when that happens the BOTOX is absorbed into your blood system instead of staying at the site of injection.

In contrast, after a filler treatment, going into the sun too soon can cause inflammatory processes to become worse and last longer. Fillers in your lips especially come off worst from sun exposure as it will often cause extensive and painful swelling.

This being said, there are many types of sun exposure, and it is not as simple as we may first assume. Sun exposure can be split into three categories:

1. Normal Daylight:

In this circumstance, you can restart most of your daily activities almost immediately as long as you are wearing a sun cream with an SPF of 30 or 40. At Helen Hunt Aesthetics we can suggest many great brands to protect your skin such as Obagi and Heliocare. Don’t hesitate to ask us what would work for your specific needs!

2. Sunbathing:

We suggest that after having fillers you should wait at least two weeks before sunbathing and that is assuming that you will wear SPF 50 and reapply frequently. Ignoring this warning may increase your risk of developing cold sores and reduce the volumizing effects of your fillers. We also strongly recommend that you avoid intense heat such as from hot yoga or saunas for at least two weeks following a filler treatment.

3. Tanning Beds:

Now, this is the big one. It is extremely important that you DO NOT use tanning beds following cosmetic dermatology treatments. The effects of the injectables and treatments will be completely pointless after being fried under a UV device not to mention the increased inflammation.

Always Happy to Help

We are happy to help you with your specific needs and feel free to ask Helen about how soon you can get back into the sun following your treatment. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter this month, we hope that it has been useful.

As our valued clients, we would love to invite you to suggest more topics that you would be interested in hearing more about for our focus of the month segments. Feel free to suggest any ideas through our social media pages or via email! We hope to hear from you soon!!

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