Clinic update from Helen Hunt Aesthetics and Skin Care
June 22, 2020
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written by Helen Hunt

I am really looking forward to lighter lock-down measures and a time when I can resume services for my patients, which I anticipate on 6th July. However, I cannot return to business as usual. I am taking extra care to protect my patients and staff from contracting the virus and promote safe treatment in a safe environment.

Please feel reassured that I have implemented the Save Face Covid-19 infection prevention and control policy, in addition to routine infection control, health and safety measures, and professional standards.

These measures will help to minimise the risk of contracting Covid-19 whilst you are visiting my clinic, but you should bear in mind that eliminating this risk entirely is not possible at the present time.

To help with this, I will send an email detailing all precautions and information that you will need before your appointment, and I will ask you to complete a short health questionnaire before your arrival.

Thank you so much for your patience, support and understanding during this difficult time.


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