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March 04, 2022
Helen Hunt Medical Grade Facials
written by Helen Hunt

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Hello, The first newsletter of the New Year and it’s already been super busy! With the clinics getting busier we have been worried about getting to your calls and messages as efficiently as usual. Helen has therefore made the decision to add two new members into our team, Kimberley and Jade.

These two lovely ladies will be answering your calls and booking in appointments, they are very well versed in our treatments and can answer any questions you may have. Helen will continue to check in with you after any appointments and will always be contactable if you prefer.

You can find our updated contact details on our Contact page.


Treatment Focus for March: Medical Grade Facials

This month we wanted to highlight a range of treatments that are one of Helen’s favourite ways to help our patients achieve luminous, rejuvenated skin. Facials are an effective, non-invasive treatment that elevates your skin care routine and achieves visible results. They contain the very best medical-grade products available that are tailored to treat your concerns and skin type.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a professional skin care facial to give your skin a restorative boost:

1) They rejuvenate, deep clean and brighten your skin which elevates your complexion.
2) All treatments are completely bespoke, following a consultation with Helen, and can treat acne, redness, dull, dry skin, smooth and plump ageing skin.
3) Facials are one-time, cost-effective treatments.
4) They feel amazing and give us the opportunity to take a break from our busy lives to get a bit of TLC and importantly are results driven.

Helen Hunt Aesthetics Skincare Treatment

Helen Hunt Aesthetics Skincare Treatments

At Helen Hunt Aesthetics we offer a range of skincare options which can be chosen to suit your specific skin needs. Tailored skin care can always make a significant difference to your skin health.

Take a look at the facials and chemical peels, we offer in our clinics:

For those with sensitive skin – Alumier Radiant 30 which is a 1-hour facial.

For those with more congested skin – Alumier 20/10 which is also a 1-hour facial that will act to reduce oil that has collected in your pores.

For those who are a frequent lover of facials – Alumier Glow Peel which is a 1.5- hour peel.

Take a look at our Skincare page to find out more.

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