Focus on WOW Fusion Facials ahead of the Festive Season

November 18, 2021
Woman Clear Skin
written by Helen Hunt

Latest News

Hello from Helen Hunt Aesthetics! This month Helen headed to the Excel centre in London for the Clinical Cosmetic Regenerative (CCR) conference. Helen has really been looking forward to this opportunity to meet with surgical and non-surgical aesthetics communities face-to-face and it certainly did not disappoint.

As a result of this incredible opportunity, Helen has decided to bring a new brand of skincare to Helen Hunt Aesthetics! AlumierMD is a medical-grade skincare brand that is certified CLEAN, this means that it is free from all banned substances and is socially responsible. AlumierMD, a Canadian company, was first launched in 2016 and has been incredibly popular.

Their key aim is to stop the unregulated release of skincare products that are not vigorously tested, that may harm the environment. These amazing products can only be purchased with the support of a trained medical professional. Helen will be able to help you choose the right products.

Most importantly, their products contain all the key active ingredients necessary to achieve great results and are backed up with clinical studies.  There is a specially designed patient portal that patients can access to order products that Helen has prescribed for them, with useful advice and guidance.

There will be more information next month on these lovely products and how to book a skin consultation with Helen.

Alumier Retinol Resurfacing Serum

News from the Industry

This month an undercover reporter from The Sunday Times posed as a beautician to investigate unsafe practices regarding the prescribing of prescription drugs for cosmetic purposes. The Sunday Times were working with the company SAVE FACE to investigate unscrupulous medical professionals and they found that over 70% of the public who have undergone treatments such as Botox, had never had a face-to-face consultation with a licensed prescriber.

Following this outrageous news, SAVE FACE recommended that everyone searches for their practitioner which is a government-approved nationwide register that will ensure that you can trust them. SAVE FACE says that if your practitioner is not on the database “alarm bells should already be ringing”. However, rest assured, Helen is a registered independent prescriber and accredited with SAVE FACE. She is one of only two practitioners listed on this register in the Exeter area.

Woman Facial

Focus for November: WOW Fusion Facial

With the festive season approaching, I thought I would focus on an amazing facial this month.

WOW Fusion Facial is a medical-grade “Hyper-personalised” skin transformation treatment. This facial will provide you with glowing, luminous, and most importantly, healthy skin.

So, what can you expect?
At your appointment, Helen will first prep your skin by exfoliating and cleansing and then she will apply a “Glow” peel specifically chosen to match your skin type and needs.

Then, vitamins and nutrients will be infused into the skin using the WOW medical needling device. Then, we use LED light therapy and a beauty mask to complete the transformation. Helen can also add micro-droplets of Botox for an even more incredible result.

Nicknamed “The Red Carpet Facial” this, no down-time treatment is absolutely perfect to give you a glow to flaunt all Christmas!

Who’s the Treatment suitable for?
Everyone – as every treatment is tailored, so even sensitive skins are suitable.

PRICE: £200 with Botox £250



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