Where is the best place to get filler?

December 23, 2020
Where is the best place to get filler?
written by Helen Hunt
Figuring out which areas you might want to get dermal filler and tracking down a great aesthetician to administer it for you is a bit of a task. A good aesthetician will give you exactly what you ask them for. An exceptional aesthetician will work with you and your facial structure to advise where dermal filler should be placed for the most natural result.

Lip filler:


This is an increasingly popular procedure, and unfortunately one that is difficult to execute well. One thing that makes many prospective clients nervous is the countless images they’ve seen of overfilled or lumpy lips. Thankfully, if administered correctly lip filler can help to restore volume and structure lost over time, and also add symmetry.

Cheekbone enhancement:


It’s normal to lose some volume and plumpness in our cheeks over time. If used poorly, dermal filler can exaggerate this through over-defining the cheekbones, making the cheeks themselves look slightly gaunt. A skilled injector is once again key here.

Jawline and chin filler:


Restylane can be used to smooth and lift the skin, helping to minimise the appearance of jowls and give the face a more youthful, defined appearance.



Taking time to carefully consider where you may want filler, and selecting a certain practitioner out of so many aesthetic skin care clinics is not only important for aesthetic purposes, but for your safety too. Your injector should be a qualified medical professional who exclusively uses safe fillers approved by bodies such as the FDA.

Find out more:

Helen Hunt aesthetics and skincare can help you to achieve the natural result you’re looking for. We also offer a range of other skin care treatments if you feel you’re not quite ready for dermal fillers yet, such as micro needling for fine lines and chemical peels. Can’t find what you need on our website? Get in touch with us here, we look forward to speaking with you!
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